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keptic thunder talks about -- keltic wonder is here to perform for us. >> and with the crocodile thing, it's cute but then a few years later you have a follow- up story. >> and the crocodile is grateful. >> he is a wild animal. let's move on now. we want to find out what is going on with our weather conditions around the region. it's a soggy start to the day. >> it's crocodile weather. >> and you never smile at a crocodile, tony. you should know that. >> i do know that. we have showers still falling across the region. out to the east and toward annapolis, across the bay bridge, toward stevensville, county getting a good soaking rain, rain west of oxford. all of this is lifting to the north right up along the eastern side of the bay. so expect heavy rain to the east this morning. here in washington, i think things have quieted down. clouds start the morning and then we see sunshine building
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this afternoon and areas west towards manassas, reston, you'll see quieter weather as well. let's show you what is happening. very active atmosphere and spinning up out to the west is the area of low pressure. still some cloud cover in the washington area but you can see out into the central and southwest sections of virginia, some clearing. that will move in this afternoon. so partly cloudy later today and warm. our high temperatures will be in the low 80s. so well above where they should be this time of year. currently 74 at reagan national. 69 out at dulles. 72 in fredericksberg. our forecast gets better from here. early clouds and rain. then some afternoon sun. high temperature 81 degrees. winds out of the south at 10- 15. they've been gusting over 20 this morning. more details on the forecast. we have more rain on the five- day and i'll let you know about that. back to you. our top story this tuesday morning. potential changes coming to the white house. there are reports this morning that president barack obama's chief of staff could step down this week. >> rahm emanual is likely leaving to pursue other political aspirations away from
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washington. sarah simmons joins us live outside of the white house with more on our top story. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. rahm emanual has long had aspirations of being the mayor of chicago. there were sources that say that he will make an announcement possibly by friday what his decision is. there is speculation that he would leave his white house chief of staff post but once chick mayor richard daily -- dale said he would not run for re-election again, the speculation grew even more. he's long expressed his interest in running for the mayor. a sources close to him say he has not made a final decision just yet. his family is weighing heavily on his mind. it's a big factor in whether or
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not he decides to campaign. if you take a look, the chicago mayor, richard m. daily longest mayor other than his father richard j. daily. and this is making it the perfect opportunity for rahm emanual to try to step in and run for office there. now president obama has made it known that he believes that rahm emanual would be an excellent mayor. but he's also indicated as well that the decision will have to come soon. of course we have mid-term elections coming up. this is something they would want to get wrapped up quickly and the mayoral race in 2011, the ing in february so we do not have that much time left before starting to campaign. we're live near the white house, sarah simmons, back to you. >> sarah, thank you. meanwhile president barack obama is hitting the campaign trial today. he's trying to revive some of the campaign magic from 2008.
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today and tomorrow the president will visit college campuses and backyards. he arrived yesterday in new mexico and today will visit a family home in albuquerque to discuss the economy. then he traveled to madison, wisconsin and des moines, iowa and he said democrats have no reason not to be enthusiastic about the november ballot. another big story this morning. the search for a rapist. police in montgomery county are looking for a suspect who attacked a woman in the quiet community around route 355 and high point drive. a 21-year-old woman flagged them down around 3:00 a.m. sunday and said a man had dragged her into the woods and sexually assault her but she did not get a good look at him. >> so we have a limited suspect description at this time. unconfirmed race of this male attacker, believed to be in his 20s or 30s. she describes him as short and
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with a medium build. >> investigators don't think the victim knew her attacker. police are still on the hunt for a hit-and-run driver in maryland. daniela elizabeth mateo was hit in silver spring saturday night. then dragged down the road. eventually winding up under a pickup truck. she's in grave condition. neighbors in the area say they've had an ongoing problem with drivers. police have found a passenger side mirror and believe it could belong to a honda sedan. a jury recently found d.c. police chief cathy lanier guilty of violating the whistleblower act. now some want her fined and fired. but the attorney general said there is no evidence to support the jury's findings. >> reporter: the jury's august verdict began with a lawsuit filed more than five years ago
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when charles ramsey was the chief of police and cathy lanier was a commander. several officers, including martin freeman, seen here in the redskins hat, stepped forward to say the d.c. police department was illegally brokering security work for officers at gallery place in china town. now according to the lawsuit, the department retaliated by claiming the officers engaged in unauthorized off-duty employment. freeman was fired and two others were suspended without pay. according to the verdict form, the jury found the police department violated the whistleblower protection act and faulted only cathy lanier. >> we're asking the judge to make the decision about what the appropriate discipline would be for chief lanier and this is the first time in the history of d.c. you had an agency head found to be guilty of retaliation and the law is not equipped to handle that situation. i think the law assumes that
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our agency heads would behave better. but nichols is saying the jury made a mistake. in a statement nichols said although we appreciate the hard work of the jury in this case and fully support the jury process, the finding that chief lanier retaliated against one of the plaintiffs was not supported by any evidence of the law. we intend to demonstrate to the court that the jury's finding is in error. what hasn't been explained is an e-mail sent to the rank and file after the verdict in which she had said the jury dismissed whistleblower claims. they said the chief was unavailable for comment. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> a superior court judge will decide whether the chief should be disciplined or fined. we'll let you know what happens. several cows are dead after a big fire at a livestock facility that broke out around 8:00 last night at the fauquier county livestock exchange in
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marshall. 250 cattle were inside when the fire began. investigators thought as many as 50 cows have died and now they say they have found only five cows dead in the barn. they do expect to find others though when they can search nearby fields. firefighters from six counties helped to fight the fire. cause is still under investigation. a heads up, the renovated georgetown neighborhood library on r. street will reopen october 18th. a massive fire destroyed most of the library in 2007. it has several modern improvements, including better light, dedicated space for teen- agers, help for those with disabilities and a new outdoor reading terrace and a children's room. a ban on handheld phones isn't enough to reduce accidents. a new report on texting bans in four states found that crashes went up in three of the states
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and crashes increased among drivers younger than 25 after the bans took effect in all four states. investigators believe it may be because some drivers are putting their phones down in their laps. >> we're not sure why we found this result, but one possibility is that for the drivers that are still continuing to text in an effort to hide the texting from police they may be doing it more dangerously. but that is just a theory. >> the findings are consistent with another study that found that banning held held use doesn't reduce the number of crashes. and drivers in maryland will have to go hands-free. a new law kicks in on friday. the state law is a secondary offense which means police must see you doing something else wrong like speeding. the fine is $40 for a first offense, $100 for a second one. and it comes with no points unless you get into an accident. well it's an alternative to
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foreclosing on your home and it's growing in popularity but what exactly is a short sale and how could it effect you in the long run? we're going to explain. and plus something that we don't like to talk about. call it the big change or whatever you want. it's called menopause and there is a lot of misinformation floating out there. now a new movie is starting to set people straight and we have the executive producer here with us to explain. we're back in a moment. 9:10 now. ring ring. progresso.
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d.c.'s budget gap, much worse than expected. city is projecting a $175 million deficit. the revenues for the fiscal year 2011 are off been an estimated $100 million. city officials blame a drop in sales and income taxes. other contributors here, about $25 million in cost overruns by d.c. public schools ab a $33
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million shortage in medicaid funding due to cuts by congress. well the income back between the richest and poorest americans continuing to grow. new census figures show the top earning 20% of people making more than $100,000, received half of all income generates in the u.s. last year. those below the poverty line earned 3.4%. the reagan nationalo of some .5 -- the raise continues. now a member of board of directors of national association of realtors. this first question, the simple question is we hear this term a lot now, what is a short sale? >> a short sale is a transaction where the homeowner has the opportunity to sell their house at a price that is
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less than the mortgage balance and requires the approval of their lender. >> okay. a price less than the mortgage amount. so you are losing money on the deal, obviously? >> that is correct. >> and this is something that your lender has to approve? >> it's something that is much more favorable to both the homeowner and the lender in lieu of a potential foreclosure situation. >> tell me why it is more favorable in. >> it's speedier. foreclosure propositions requires the lender to go through a long and drawn-out legal process to take the home back and then they own the home, have to manage it and then eventually resell it. >> so there is some incentive for the lender to say, okay, let's go down this road -- as well. >> and the homeowner will receive less of an impact by going through the short sale process. >> and we'll put up a graphic that has some of this information. you say it's a shorter process.
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it can take four to 12 months. >> that's the myth. it's more streamlined than it used to be. now we're seeing time lines of 60-90 days. there is legislation before the house to require lenders to get it done within a 45-day period. so it's becoming a much more normal type process and therefore more generalized. >> and who initiates the short sale? do you go to my lender and say can i do this? >> well typically the homeowner will consult with a realtor who will give them an advice to consider short sale as a potential option in getting them out of a financial dilemma. then the realtor and the lender and sometimes the negotiator will get involved and work through the process. >> how does this effect one's credit rating. because bankruptcy is not good. foreclosure is not good. how does a short sale effect
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your credit? >> that's a complicated question because it depends on how delinquent the homeowner might be. you don't have to be delinquent to go the short sale route. if you are not delinquent, there is a lot less of a credit impact going to short sale versus a foreclosure. >> so you don't have to be delinquent, you can just be in trouble. knowing things are not shaking out well and my money situation and i need to do something. >> you could be close to the end of reserves and need to initiate a solution to your dilemma. >> and one of the information we had there is that the borrower, the homeowner may still have to pay additional taxes. what is that about? >> there are several potential liabilities for a homeowner. one is obviously the gain for the forgiven amount, however there is legislation as part of the stimulus package that negates that responsibility by
9:18 am
the irs tax guidelines through december of 2012. then the second potential recourse to a homeowner is the given amount, potentially the lender coming back to them as recourse for the shortfall. most lenders are not pursuing that unless they see somebody has the wherewithal. >> i want to make sure i understand because sometimes the language is for laymen like me. when you say they are not pursuing, they're not going after the homeowners to say we need the rest of the balance. >> that's direct. when you sign the mortgage you agree to pay the amount back and you're paying less back and the lender could say we want you to make up the difference some way over a long period of time. >> but most are not doing that? >> they are not doing that. >> that's good. that's good to know. and things people need to know if they are going to consider this. determine if you have little equity, that's one of the
9:19 am
things. you don't have much equity in the house. >> that's correct. >> if you are behind on payments or maybe not. you cannot afford the home and the first thing is to find a realtor to talk to. >> a prational realtor can help lead them through the process and give them appropriate advice and help fannage the transaction. and that accounts for about 12% of all transactions today. >> thank you very much. you've made it much more understandable. thank you very much. >> it's my pleasure. >> thank you for being here. now to tucker and allison. breaking news in the weather department. >> we have a tornado warning. let's get right to it. hd radar indicating a possible tornado. this just indicated by the national weather service near st. michaels by 9:20 this morning, severe thunderstorms centered near oxford as this system is pushing off to the north at 45 miles per hour you can see the counties in red
9:20 am
under a tornado warning until 9:45 this morning, that includes carolina county, queen county and centreville under a tornado warning until 9:45. again a very intense band of thunderstorms. the particular storm we are concerned with is just to the north of oxford. you can see the dark very intense reds to the west of easton. that is indicating a possible tornado races off to the north. we have a tornado warning for these counties until 9:45 and it will take a while to get the energy out of here. here in washington, no concerns with tornadoes or any severe weather. this is across the bay over the next 45 minutes or so. >> thanks, tucker. >> i'll give you an update in a minute. >> looking forward to it. and a follow up on a story you saw it last week. plant employees behaving bad. and now action is being taken. what chrysler is doing. and speaking of cars, holly is out learning how to be her
9:21 am
own mechanic. >> reporter: good morning, allison. i'm live at do it yourself this morning in material, virginia. this is the place to bring your four wheels and get under the cars and the frames. do i stop this at some point? i'm doing it under great direction. but this is a place to work on your own car in a great space and you have a huge event this weekend that you might want to come back for. stay with us. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing?
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we have tucker barnes here with some severe weather information. >> we have a tornado warning east of the bay for the counties just to the east of the bay. let's get right to it. not in washington, we're talking east of annapolis. once again a tornado warning until 9:45 this morning for west central caroline county, county and kent county. the storm we're concerned about, let's go in closer is west of easton, north of
9:25 am
oxford. you can see that little hook and that's indicating the possibility of a tornado. so again this is racing off to the north at about 45 miles per hour. we have no confirmed reports of any tornadoes on the ground at this moment, but we're under a tornado warning from 9:45. the safest place to be during a tornado is in the basement. so take shelter immediately if you are line of the storms and severe thunderstorms associated with the possible tornado pushing off to the north. >> thank you, tucker. serious information. >> i'll update you in a minute. meanwhile, in other news we're watching history in the making in north korea this morning. the leader of the isolated country kim jong-il promoted his youngest son to the rank of four star general. he is reportedly 28 years old and there is widespread speculation he will become the next leader. the elder kim is introducing his son at a meeting today at the worker as party. this is video of the last party meeting 30 years ago when kim jong kill's father made him the
9:26 am
new leader. this move is made as kim's attempt to create a dynasty in north korea. into a follow-up for you. several chrysler employees are now out of work after they were caught on camera drinking during a lunch break and what appears to be smoking marijuana as wellch we showed you this video last week. now workers from a detroit assembly plant drinking beer and smoking. chrysler announced yesterday that 13 of the 15 people identified in the video have been fired. other two were laid off without pay for one month. well no one likes to talk about it but there is a lot of misinformation swirling around out there about menopause. >> now a new movie is hoping to debunk much of that information. the producer joins us next in studio to talk about it. we'll be back in a moment. don't go anywhere. it's 9:26.
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welcome back. tucker barnes hard at work in
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the weather center with breaking weather news. >> we have tornado warnings and now a special marine warning and likely a waterspout across the chop tank river at 40 miles per hour. the good news is the worst will be out of here shortly but another 15 minutes of touch and go. hd radar will show what you is happening. the counties in red under a tornado warning until 9:45 this morning. that includes west central caroline county, talbot county, southwestern kent county, queen county and includes the city of centreville under a tornado warning. the storm of most concern now is just to the west of easton and that's where the chop tank river is and that's where we are concerned about a waterspout. you can see an intense band of thunderstorms pushing east of the bay here and we're on the eastern side of the bay and the thunderstorm we're concerned about is right here. earlier it had a little hook echo to it and all of that pushing off to the north at about 40 miles per hour.
9:31 am
so we'll continue to monitor it here. no reports of any confirmed tornadoes on the ground at this moment but if you're in the line of the storms, do take shelter. they very dangerous. racing off to the north at 40- 45 miles per hour. we're on a tornado warning east of the bay for another 15 minutes. and let's push on. let's show what you is happening across the washington area. and into the afternoon hours, this is the back side of the front, the cold front we've been waiting for. the winds will shift and we'll be in for an improving forecast today. so we won't deal with severe weather throughout the day today. we should have more sunshine building in later this afternoon. the back edge of that system pushing across the bay. you can see that. and off to the north and northwest, that is causing the problems of wind sheer in the atmosphere at this hour. our forecast, afternoon sunshine and warmer temperatures. 81 degrees. winds out of the south here at
9:32 am
10-15, gusting over 20. and here is your five-day forecast. again, we'll be dealing with the possibility of more rain late in the day on wednesday and then again on thursday. perhaps a soaking rain. friday and saturday some sunshine. can we go back to hd radar and let me show you once again. tornado warning for another 15 minutes. the storm we are concerned about is right there now just to the north and northwest of easton, racing off to the north at about 40 miles per hour. we'll give you updates as merits here in the weather center in a couple of minutes. allison, over to you. well let's be honest, women dread it, men fear it. no one wants to talk about it. but 6,000 american women enter menopause each day and many of them believe the misinformation that have surrounded this topic for generations. so why is it so taboo still? that is one of the topics tackled in the new movie called hot flash havoc. there is a special screening tonight. and we'll tell you about that in a mit. but joining us now. >> the executive producer. >> and doctoral and altman is
9:33 am
one of the experts featured. he is a gynocologist and an expert in mid-life sexuality. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and why is it this big mystery? why do we have nicknames for this real occurrence in women's lives? why don't we want to talk about it? >> we might share this question, but i think it's a series of things. i think part of it is that society tells us we are not important once we hit mid life. our media doesn't say -- if we are 35, we're important. but i also think it's because we get misinformation about it. nobody really know what's to say about it. and you can go ahead. >> certainly misinformation was centered around eight years ago when the women's health initiative report just next door came out. and really it misinformed the american public about it. and that's a good deal of what
9:34 am
the movie is about. the ripple effect of that misinformation, and also guiding women to understand what the data really did show and we're waiting for the whi study to say, we may have overpresented this. >> and what happened with that, is that the fear that women taking the hormone replacement therapy would face challenges. and this movie tackles that. and was this a starting point for this movie for you and what had you decide to make it. >> it came from a three-year journey when i had precursor menopause and didn't know it. and went to a doctor and it took about three years and i got contradictory answers or every doctor giving me a
9:35 am
different drug, from joint pain to pag rain -- to migraine headaches, depression and they didn't look at you as a whole and say how aming going to treat this because nobody suspected it is menopause. >> we are seeing some of the movie. and you deal with women's views and what they are going through and also men. and it's been called controversial. it's been called provocative. but it's also funny. you have real-life men that we could see that are saying, i don't know what this is about, all i know is it's not the same any more between me and my wife in areas of intimacy and she's a little bit crazy. that's what they are saying. what are the real i guess symptoms? what is real and not real? i'll ask you, doctor. >> the real symptoms have to do
9:36 am
with estrogen withdrawal and that's what patients present with. sleeplessness, headaches, mood changes, sometimes immense fatigue that they'll look at the thyroid when in fact instead of looking to treat, as with heidi, all of the different symptoms involved, going to the source of the concern, which is essentially perimenopause, that is the appropriate track to take. the later problems over the longer term have to do with heart, brain, muscles, joints, immune system, vagina and jenna tellia and more. >> and that's what you can hear from people going through it, its men, but this is a big deal. do you think that we look at it seriously enough and it's attacked in that manner? >> i think one of the really important things that we're missing is we're going to outlive menopause now by 40-50
9:37 am
years. if you look at women's life expectancy you would normally get to menopause if you were lucky enough, which the average age is about 51, and you would die within 15-20 years. but once we hit menopause, many different changes is happening to our body and if we're going to live standing up and with our brains and sexual into our 80s and 90s, we better understand what is happening to our body and how to do prevention and decide what our options are and this movie does cover those options. >> and it is national menopause awareness month. is that the message you would like the viewers to take home, you can live past this because we are living longer and learn how to deal with it? >> i think it is that and then women out in the audience need to understand this is a grassroots effort. we're bringing hollywood and cross sectioning it with information and education in an entertaining way and women, if they want this movie, they have to reach out and say we want
9:38 am
it. so in washington tonight, we're showing it at a very big private screening at the navy memorial theater. but we need you to get online and say we want this movie. if we get 2,000 women in the country, we bring it to them. >> for more information. and the doctor is featured in this film as well. thank you for stopping by. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> tony over to you. nuclear sites shut down without warning and now former top military brass reveal they say is the stunning reason why. is it something out of this world that could explain. it's 9:38. ring ring. progresso.
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welcome back, everybody. let's get right to it. we have a tornado warning in effect until 9:45 this morning.
9:42 am
east of the bay and this includes caroline county, kent, and talbot county under a tornado warning. a storm system pushing off to the north at about 40-45 miles per hour was just west of oxford and easton, now racing to the north. and you can see an intense band of showers and thunderstorms that we are concerned about the possibility of a tornado. there is your latest look, crossing route 50 on the way north in the next couple of minutes and we expect the warning to be let to expire. no confirmed reports of any tornadoes on the ground but reports of winds gusting in excess of about 50 miles per hour so we have a special marine warning for these counties for the rivers along these counties and the eastern bay and again a tornado warning in effect for another couple of minutes and i'll continue to bring you updates as merited here in the weather center. that's a quick look at the forecast. more coming up. a group of air force
9:43 am
veterans maintain that aliens from outer space are visiting nuclear missile sites. >> and they claim to have proof. >> a white pulsating light in the sky. >> dark metallic and strange markings. >> they say they have seen sites back in the '60s and the vets say those sites shut down with the ufo's were there. the group has produced secret air force documents reporting flying disks, flying saucers and balls of fire at maelstrom afb in 1967. >> it was hanging over the silo and shining a light onto it. and from a dead stop it shoots off to the east, just like now you see it and now you don't. >> the u.s. air force special investigations at andrews afb
9:44 am
said they are not aware of any open case on ufo's at nuclear missile ranges. changing your oil or brake pads. how to do it yourself at the do- it-yourself mechanic shop. holly shows us next with the details. plus keltic thunder is here. they are performing live for us next. you don't want to miss it. next, here is wendy williams with a look at her show. [ music ]. hi there. i'm ian wright
9:45 am
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♪ have you ever wanted to work on your own vehicle but you just didn't have the tools nor the place to do it? >> well believe it or not, there is a place you can go to do it yourself. fox 5's holly more sis getting a great lesson in mechanics in sterling. although, holly, you seem to know some of the stuff on your
9:48 am
own? >> reporter: hold on, i'm playing. i do know a little bit. but let me tell you, i didn't want to look too serious because i had a huge fear. we've been talking about how to come to do it yourself mechanics and save money. the station might see me doing this and you'll see me in the parking lot taking care of the crew cars. he don't want that to happen. but if that is the case, i will bring them here. because they have all of the tools, all of the space and you can get it done. ed cope is back and he is the founder and president of do it yourself mechanics and eddy is the mechanic on staff. and what are we doing now? >> inspect the brakes and hook the hose up to the air gun and you can take the wheel off and first we have a locking lug there that you take off. and again -- >> reporter: am i good, eddie. >> you are perfect.
9:49 am
>> reporter: ip think somebody might have preloosenned that for me. and then i'll hand this to you. >> look at that. >> reporter: you know i think nascar is on the phone. they might want me for the pit crew. and so we'll take this off. is this a lot of thing you see people doing, base you can stuff like this? >> yes. and brakes too. >> reporter: and tell me what i am looking for? >> you're looking for the width of the break and see if it's good or see if the rotors have any grooves in it. >> reporter: this these look pretty good, right? >> yes. and then that's the tie rods. >> reporter: so we see everything is okay ands is okay to rotate the tires.
9:50 am
so do i go on down here. i could walk but this cool is so fun, i'll do this. and as we go down here, ed, i wanted to bring up the point that we talked about cars being so computerized. you have an answer to that, right? >> yes. we have a system here, it's a computer system, it's called all data. you can get on the computer and find out any type of parts breakdown or how to do step by step sequencing on your car from taking the rotors off down to replacing the brakes and various different other things from exhaust to engines. >> reporter: i'm listening but this is -- there we go. now i.this in the front. >> this is called rotating the tires from front to back. >> reporter: automaker come -- i'm coming here just for the
9:51 am
tools. is there any trick to line this up? >> no. turn it a little bit. >> reporter: uh-huh. and there we go. and before i go, you have an event coming up this weekend. >> this sunday we have a nice car show. it's going to be from 11:00 to 4:00 and it's in conjunction with old school car club and they have been around for years and they have a lot of nice vehicles. and we welcome the public to come out and see us and enjoy the day and see a lot of nice classical cars and other types. >> reporter: i'm listening to. you it sounds like fun. but this is critical too. every time i change my tire, i could use one of these. is our website. we have a link to theirs. if you want to find out more about do it yourself mechanics, and if you have a motorcycle and are watching. you have a motorcycle lift too.
9:52 am
back to you guysch i have to get this tire on. well keltic roots are in ireland but they have fans here in our area. >> and the fans call themselves thunder heads and post online about the group's concerts. and they have a lot to talk about today including a show this evening in baltimore and they have a great cd out keltic thunder. it's entertainment and the group joins us now. thank you for coming in. everyone introduce yourself for those who do not know. >> i'm paul. >> i'm keith. >> i'm george. >> i'm bevin. >> i'm ryan. >> i think this is the cast of a movie. but you guys are really talented singers. >> you're coming back to baltimore tonight. tell us about this year's tour. >> well this year's tour is all camera, all action. it will be great form. we've had great form so far. this is the first gig of the
9:53 am
tour. the first half is called heritage it's all irish music. and then the second half of the show is entertainment which is the dvd which you have in your hand which is like sort of more hollywood, more polished type of a show and music from the 40s, 50s 60s, up to current date. >> why did you choose to do that? is that a stretch as far what you are normally do and what your fans expect? >> i suppose it is, but the thing about the show is that -- obviously keltic is irish and we appeal to those with that heritage and this appeals to all not just those with the irish background. we wanted to stretch ourselves a bit. the first half is very irish and very keltic and then the second half would trigger something for everybody. >> i haven't had a chance to see the show. among its song selections, just like jessie james, every breath you take. you raise me up. bad, bad leroy brown. what are you doing now?
9:54 am
>> we are going to do a uk classic which is called "still haven't found what i'm looking for." >> i was going to say, keltic thunder. >> yes, they are: ♪ [ music ] >> i have climbed highest mountains, i have run through the fields, only to be with you. ♪ only to be with you. ♪ i have run, i have crawled. ♪ i have scaled these city walls. ♪ these city walls. ♪ only to be with you.
9:55 am
♪ but i still haven't found what i'm looking for. ♪ but i still haven't found, what i'm looking for. ♪ i have kissed honey lips. ♪ felt the healing finger tips. ♪ it burned like a fire. ♪ this burning desire. ♪ i have spoke with tongue of angels. ♪ i have held the hand of the devil. ♪ whose warm in the night. ♪ i was cold as a stone. ♪ but i still haven't found
9:56 am
what i'm looking for. ♪ but i still haven't found what i'm looking for. ♪ but i still haven't found what i'm looking for. ♪ but i still haven't found what i'm looking for. thkeac
9:57 am
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it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night its something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake.
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let's get to it. an update, the tornado warning extended to 10:15 for counties off to the north and east of washington, including central talbot county, cecil county, central kent county, queen county and the city of centreville. the storm we're concerned about will be centered near chestertown in the next couple of minutes. there is a closer look and you can see the storm has a history of producing winds and gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour and as indicated by doppler radar, a possible tornado. so we

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